Alyssa Rolen

Legacy Council/Special Events Coordinator

Grimes, CA

Alyssa Rolen joined the California Rangeland Trust as the new Legacy Council and Special Events Coordinator in 2017. Her primary role will be supporting the Legacy Council’s efforts as they continue to serve as brand ambassadors for the organization. In addition to Alyssa’s role with the Legacy Council, she will also be supporting a multitude of special events, ranging from adult ranch tours to the annual A Western Affair.

Alyssa holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Livestock Business and Management from California State University, Fresno. Prior to joining California Rangeland Trust, Alyssa worked for the University of California, 4-H Youth Development Program as the Animal Science Program Coordinator. In her position, Alyssa planned and executed a variety of statewide 4-H events and worked with numerous volunteer councils and advisory committees.