JS Ranch

JS Ranch is a 5,941 acre ranched owned by George and Christine McArthur located in the Cascade Range foothills, 10 miles east of Redding.┬áThe property has been managed as a rangeland ranch since the 1860s. Old Cow Creek and Clover Creek pass through the ranch property. Property subdivision and rural residential development are increasing in the Cow Creek watershed. The conservation easement will enable the continuation of an economically viable cattle ranching operation. The ranch falls within the Califronia Department of Fish and Game’s Cow Creek Conceptual Area Protection Plan which targets conservation of mule deer winter range, mountain lion habitat, riparian corridors, aquatic habitat for anadromous fish, blue oak woodlands, chaparral, vernal pools, and populations of sensitive species. The Conservation Easement was funded by the California Wildlife Conservation Board and the Natural Resources Conservation Service